Well this took me by surprise…

I was working in the US recently when I discovered something that both surprised and delighted me.

I learnt that my SUMO book had reached the Sunday Times top ten bestselling business books. (It actually reached number seven, even outselling the iconic book ‘Who Moved my Cheese?’)

So why did discovering this fact in late July 2018 surprise me?

Because my book was actually a bestseller in July 2015.

But no one told me.

So for the last three years I’ve been a Sunday Times bestselling author and not realised it.

But I do now.

And you know what? I actually do feel different.

Why? Well I have a confession.

For years I’ve suffered a mild form of ‘imposter syndrome.’ I’ve never truly believed what others have said about my work. Not deep down, anyway.

But strangely I do now. This external validation has impacted me internally.

Is that something you can relate to?

Maybe we’re all on a similar journey, despite the different routes we take. And it’s worth reminding ourselves that there’s something unique and amazing about all of us. We just need to wake up to the fact.

And hopefully you don’t need the Sunday Times to tell you.


Fancy some snack-size inspiration? Then check out my YouTube channel, and especially this playlist, for some short videos packed with practical tips and advice.


Until next time.


The SUMO Guy

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