7 ways to manage, not banish, your blues

Ever been told a lie? One of the biggest ones often told by people in the Self-Help industry is that there’s an instant cure or a quick fix to resolve life’s challenges. We’re seduced by the promise but left disillusioned by the reality.

So here’s my practical guide to help you, and those close to you, manage, not banish, your blues.

1. Hippo Time is OK, but…

What do Hippos do in mud? They wallow. It’s ok to have some wallow time in order to digest our disappointment, process our pain, or sit with our sadness.

It’s healthy to do so.

Just remember, Hippo Time is temporary. It’s a detour, not a destination.

2. Remember, feeling bad could do you good.

This is counterintuitive and controversial I know, but feeling low could be your body’s way of flagging up a problem that needs resolving.

Pain is a signal. So is feeling low.

Ask yourself ‘What’s causing me to feel this way?’

3. Nature is your best therapist.

We didn’t evolve as a species to stay indoors and look at screens.

So… don’t scroll inside, take a stroll outside.

Notice the changing seasons. Listen. Watch. Feel.

4. Seeking support is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of wisdom.

Life wasn’t meant to be faced alone. You don’t need to emote to everyone, but do talk to someone.

A stiff upper lip is not a great look.

5. Don’t be a ‘Happy Clappy’ friend.

Although it can be well-meaning, telling someone to ‘cheer up’ is rarely helpful.

As the psychologist Adam Grant states, some people don’t want to be told to look on the bright side, but they do want to know you are by their side.

6. You don’t have to feel great to do good.

Feeling low can be the catalyst for intense introspection, which can leave us feeling disconnected from our outside world.

Showing kindness and support to others – even when you don’t feel like it – can boost your sense of self-worth.

7. Limit your consumption of C.N.N.

Consuming a daily diet of Constant Negative News, via the media or your mates, is the perfect cocktail for lowering your mood.

If you eat crap, you’ll feel crap. The same goes for what you feed your mind. Remember that.

Which of the seven most resonated with you? Who could you share these ideas with?

Until next time


The SUMO Guy


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