When this happens I want to scream…

Ever been watching a presentation in a meeting or conference and felt like the life was being sucked out of you?

In my experience it’s not ‘death by PowerPoint’ – it’s more like long, drawn-out torture.

One of the most common mistakes I see is people deciding to drown their audience in detail. Their slides seem more in keeping with conducting a sight test than supporting their presentation.

And I see it happening all the time.

I want to scream at the presenter when I see a disengaged audience who are struggling to stay awake.

However, when I’m being more compassionate I realise many people who make presentations have actually never been given any training or coaching on how to make an effective presentation. And if they do make a good one, it’s more often by luck than by design.

So here are two tips for you:

1.) SLIM your communication

Say Less. Impact More.

Have less on your slides and quit trying to cram a swimming pool of content into a pint-sized glass of time.

2.) Equip your people

What training have your staff had to deliver effective and engaging presentations?

If the answer is none, then it’s time to address the issue.

Now I’ve some good and bad news.

First the bad news. I have no plans to run my public Presentation Masterclass for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

The good news is that I’m continuing to deliver my in-house Presentation Masterclasses, so if that’s of interest either get in touch by email – Contact@theSUMOguy.com – or click here to check out what’s typically covered in the training. You can also take a look at this video to hear what other people have to say about the training.

Remember, SLIM your communication. Say Less, Impact More.

Until next time.


The SUMO Guy

PS If you’re unable to organise any training for you or your team, you could always grab a copy of my book ‘How to Speak So People Really Listen’ here. And if you’d like to give everyone in your team a copy we can offer a great discount on bulk orders – just contact us directly at Contact@theSUMOguy.com


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