This long word explains a lot

Ever heard the phrase ‘Everyone is entitled to their opinion’?

Well, some people decide to have an opinion on everything. They’re the ones who graduated from the University of Know It All.

And they seem incredibly keen to share their opinions on social media – although sadly they tend to spread more ignorance than insight.

Ever come across anyone like that?

Well guess what? There’s a word to describe such people – although I’m still struggling to say it – ultracrepidarianism.

Which means… speaking about topics you know nothing about. Sound familiar?

Here’s my warning…

Be careful you’re not sucked into such behaviour. Being asked for our opinion can feed our sense of self importance and boost our self worth. Which we all need to some extent.

But sometimes we know very little about the topic we’ve been asked about. When that’s the case, how about instead of demonstrating ultracrepidarianism we instead say something like…

‘I haven’t got a strong opinion on that.’


‘I’d need more information before I could give an opinion.’

What do you think?

Until next time, I hope your days are full of curiosity and exploring new ideas – and free of the spirit of ultracrepidarianism.


The SUMO Guy 

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